Snag the 9 Tips for Greening Up Your Office Space Download!

Forget the cobbled together WFH set ups from 2020 and transform your work from home set up into a restorative oasis that you actually look forward to going to everyday.

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    The Why

    Learn why it's so imporant to keep plants

    in your office space and what benefits

    they will bring you!

    The How

    Learn 9 tops tips for adding plants to

    your #WFH office space in order to curate

    a beautiful and restorative oasis to

    look forward to working from every day (in your PJs)

    The Resources

    Get links to Maria's favorite resources to

    • learn more about the science behind the plant/person connection
    • get design inspo for your own space
    • links and fierce discounts for plants, plant accessories and design ideas